Ultrasport F Bike Review – Exercise Bike

Ultrasport F Bike Aerobic Fitness Bike Review

On this page is our run down of the Ultrasport F-bike Trainer Exercise bike, available from Amazon and over a huge 1300 customer reviews at the time of writing.

We have spent hours going through the questions people have asked and the reviews to give you a comprehensive rundown of this excellent indoor folding bike.

What we thought would help you, is to consolidate the reviews of this folding exercise bike to give you a complete overview as we have read every review that people have placed who have purchased this Ultrasport folding bike.

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Customer Reviews of the Folding F-Bike 

Many have reported excellent customer service, for the uk you can email them at service.uk@ultrasport.net. If the cable snaps, you can get a replacement under warranty without any cost involved.

Many of the questions were regarding height, be it under 5ft to over 6ft. Other than that, here’s all the information that’s worth knowing before purchasing.

A great bike for getting fit, solid state cardio or Hiit but if you are very fit then a more powerful bike maybe more viable. It’s very good for cardio conditioning but not built to be a spin bike.

If you are under 5ft 2, then you can use the bike fine but will need to use tiptoes to get on and off.

Saying that, you can easily burn 300 calories per session but as with fitness, should vary your workout routine. Have a look round our site for ideas on varied fitness from weight training, kettlebells to bodyweight workouts and ideas.

When assembling, customers have mentioned it took them about 20-25 minutes to put together with easy to follow instructions and tools that come with the bike. Incase you are wondering, it’s a belt driven bike with the rubber belt found inside the bike itself.

When it’s delivered you will find there isn’t much to assemble itself, you just need to add the saddle, pedals and the handlebars. All in all a very sturdy bike with so many customers happy with it, it’s a highly reviewed bike on Amazon.

The F-Bike is a folding exercise bike for your home (you remove a pin to fold it down) that is quiet enough for any room or your house, flat or bungalow with no need to fix it to the floor so if you use it upstairs then you won’t hear it below.  The quality is high so it can be used each day for 30 minutes without any issues of failure.

It has 8 two way ball bearings and designed to be very easy and quick to put up and take down, easily saving space to put away out of view. Note , the handlebars are set in place in the design so don’t go up and down.

The LCD Panel is battery operated, you can see what it looks like below and has the functions you expect which include time, calories, speed, distance and measures your pulse rate. It doesn’t however show the RPM.

The bikes great for people who wish to track their heartrate to make sure they are exercising in the heart rate zone you are looking to accomplish.

You can adjust the level of resistance which goes from 1-8, so make things easier or hander on how much you wish to workout. Good for warming up then adding resistance to workout harder and then for cooling down.

This particular model has a maximum weight of 100kg which is 220.5 so in the UK equates to 15.75 stone in weight.

As mentioned earlier, this bike currently has 1300 reviews with 220+ questions answers, see our in depth summaries below so save time sifting through the reviews and feedback of this popular foldable exercise bike.

F-Bike 200B with Backrest


Fold Up F-Bike Specifications 

Specifications :

  • Colour – Black and Grey
  • Weight – 18kg
  • Batteries required – 2 x AA for the Panel Display (Batteries included)
  • Size – 5 x 43.5 x 112 cm

This very popular F-Bike is ideal for home personal training, any fitness level who would like to gradually grow their fitness level from beginner upwards. With your hands on the sensors, you can have your heartrate display on the display so see how hard you are working out.

As you can see from the specifications, this bike is pretty strong and includes a very useful tray for your mobile phone and a holder for your towel. The tray itself is padded so your phone won’t become scratched.

The Exercise Bike for Fitness and Weight Loss

Remember losing weight is 80% diet but getting fit and burning calories with exercise bike will speed this up, keep your metabolism working more efficiently than diet alone and just help make you feel good as endorphins released when exercising.

Cycling with an exercise bike such as this Ultrasport bike is good on the joints compared to running and will easily help improve your fitness level and stamina, especially for cardio. With a few minutes warmup on your joints, you can cycle in a number of weights for improved fitness and weight loss from what’s called solid state cardio or HIIT or a combination of both.

When you change the resistance on the F-Bike you can accomplish both, keep your body guessing and achieve a great amount in a short space of time and especially over a few months.

Depending on how tall you are, you can adjust the seat before setting off as well as the pedal straps as you would expect on an exercise bike.

Once you get going, track your heartrate, calories burnt and how long you have been exercising with the easy to read LCD Panel.

The Standard F Bike

There are three types of Bike, two of which can take 220lb which is 100kg with these being the F-Bike itself and the F-Bike Work but the F-Bike Heavy can take 286lb so 130kg..

The Standard F-Bike has a little less in the range of accessories in that it does not come with a mobile phone or MP3 holder and no towel holder. It does have the option for the Retrofittable multimedia fitting as well as the same with the Workstation kit and Gel Saddle cover.

F-bike with Back Rest – Top 5 Best Seller

This is the Ultrasport F-Bike 200b which is extremely similar to the model we have been talking about but includes a backrest attached to the saddle.

Ultrasport Bike – Useful information

The distance measured on the F-Bike is in kilometres which can’t be changed. I don’t know about you but I like the option of both but whatever your view, that is how it’s designed. Apparently this is standard for all home trainers produced within Europe.

The warranty period is 2 years which is the same for all products form Ultrasport, when outside the warranty period then you can buy parts via their online store.

Depending if you are under 5ft or over 6ft, Ultrasport can’t provide any specific feedback as each person is different but at the same time have many customers at each range of height who use the bike successfully.

If you feel your body would be uncomfortable on a normal saddle then you can get a seat cover for comfort such as the Velo 137657 Anatomic Gel Saddle Cover which you can also buy from Amazon.