Exercise Bike and Elliptical Cross Trainer from XS Sports Pro

Exercise Bike from XS Sports Pro

On this page we have the , at the time of writing the 3rd most popular exercise bike available from Amazon with just under 400 reviews and just under 100 questions answered on this combination bike and cross trainer.

The overall score of this exercise bike is 4.3 out of 5 so very good, with over 230 of these out of 400 being 5 stars and another 90+ being 4 stars so a very well received indoor bike and elliptical cross trainer for varying your cardio workouts for fat loss and fitness.

There are a varied amount of features on this XS Sports bike and cross trainer than includes Pulse Sensors – 2 in 1 which work for both the bike itself and cross trainer alike.

The flywheel at the front has been designed into the bike for added stability, this can have its resistance adjusted to make your workout easier or harder depending on your fitness level or workout structure.

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On the front is a LCD Display with multiple functions such as Time, Speed, Distance, Pulse, Calories and Scan Mode.

A great all over body workout can be achieved with this bike so targeting the legs mainly.

Additionally, the hips, buttocks, arms and shoulders as well as higher heart rate walking movements.

You can use the elliptical to go forward and backward although personally we wouldn’t feel backward was required but you may feel differently.

The bike itself has been well designed with a strong steel frame, extra wide pedals so limiting any foot slip with a maximum weight of who is using it as 110kg so 17 stone.

Pedal wise, they are designed to take up to a UK size 12 which a little assembly required in itself when you receive this excellent exercise bike and cross trainer.  The bike includes instructions.

Designed to be easy to move around your home with the footprint being approx. 91cm x 51cm.

For different heights and body structure, the stride bars are movable for the upper body with fixed bars and pule sensor to track your heart rate when exercising. A very good overall low impact exercise machine for use at home.

There are 4 different types of this exercise bike combined with cross trainer from different companies with the bestselling at the time of writing being the XS Sports Pro, other companies selling similar products include JLL and Olympic.

This particular bike has been on sale since 2014 and stayed in the top 5 for a considerable amount of time. When you receive it, it has a weight of 29kg so a little less once unboxed.

So, more indepth coverage of this exercise machine that will give you a superb cardio workout at home using the high to low resistance settings for easy to harder cardio workouts, but a lot strengthening muscles if you are new to getting fit.

The resistance on thie bike is adjusted with the visible tension knob, a upper body workout with the moving arms as you would expect from the cross trainer side of this piece of equipment just like a cross trainer in your local gym.

The seat is fully adjustable so can be moved up and down depending on your height as you would expect with a easy to read LCD computer providing the details you would expect to want to see when working out including calories burnt, distance, speed, pulse reading which works by the technology built into the handles.

As you would expect, exercise machine comes with a warranty which is 1 year.

More in-depth details include a chain driven flywheel, two way crank, ABS body with the handles also being adjustable along with the seat as already mentioned. The paint has been described to be chip resistant which wouldn’t make much difference to us but at the same time it’s good to know they thought has gone into the design and look.

The device is designed to take a maximum of 100kg and has its CE Certification. Some assembly is going to be required which can be completed with the included instructions.

Here’s some useful and interesting information we have collated, based on questions answers by possible customers of this exercise bike, combined with the feedback reviews once people have purchased and reviewed the bike after using it.

Remember a exercise machine be it a bike, cross trainer, rowing machine or anything used to help exercise will not reduce your body fat on it’s own.

We learnt the hard way but it is still 80% diet and you can’t out train a bad diet. If you are eating say 300 calories a day over what your body actually needs, and you burn off 300 calories, you will stay the same weight.

When it comes to assembly, don’t worry about it being complicated as it’s known to be pretty obvious what you need to do. However the instructions aren’t very clear in the English used. It comes flat packed.

Usage for height is fine for people 6ft tall or a little over.

The maximum weight is stated to be 250lb so around 113kg and about 17 ½ stone in weight, specifications from the manufacture state around these figures but this bike is in use by people around 233lb and the  bike handed cardio fine. However, one customer in 2016 advises they were previously 24 stone and it worked for them.

The bike can be used every day if you wish, if you are using it for a good amount of time then you will find the batteries in the computer will need replacing but that’s expected when something electronic is used as we know.

When in use the noise is like a small tumble dryer, with the tv on this isn’t going to be an issue or just do what we do and listen to music especially motivational music to put you in the zone and time will fly while exercising.

For the timer to start, all you need to do is start peddling, make sure you have batteries in the compartment and the cable is connected. When the computer is on, it’s grand for daylight but no backlight so in the evening your house light will light it up to read.

The power is battery based as per above so no mains powered required.

Cable wise “if you stand at the back of the computer where the cables come out of you will see one cable on the right this connects to the one which comes up from near the fly wheel then there are two on the left these connect to two cables coming up through the column I think they should put instructions for this in with the assembly but did not”

With this particular bike, it has been designed to be best used without sitting on the seat so more like the way you would use a cross-trainer. You can sit and use it as a bike or stand and use is like a cross-trainer or mix up your cardio workout. You can remove the seat if you wish to, it stays in place when used as a cross trainer or when the equipment is put away. It can be used on carpet perfectly fine which is good as me as I use mine in the bedroom watching tv.

Many of the questions that are asked are related to height, most being people who are around the 5 foot mark be it 4ft 11 5, 5ft 1 or 5ft 2. All can use this bike perfectly fine as the seat can be lowered.

Tools are supplied to assemble this workout machine with stickers letting you know where each part goes. This boils down to adding the handlebars, foot beds, LCD display and the support feet. You will find the flywheel is already fitted so you just need to adjust the tension before using this bike.

From feedback, it took a customer earlier in 2017 a little under an hour to assemble with their own tools and not the ones supplied. Will report more when we physically review this bike.

It doesn’t come with a tablet holder but this could be added on if you can find one. If I find a good phone holder then I will update this.

Comes with a one year warranty

Can be used easily up to size 13 feet

Ideal for people who cannot stand or find it difficult to stand. You can remove the fixed bars and use the bike as a standard exercise bike.

Please not this is not a foldable piece of fitness equipment.

The pedals work as both exercise bike pedals as well as cross trainer.

You can also sit on the bike and use the cross trainer handles, bear in mind the handles move and do not stay stationary so work as you would expect on a cross trainer itself.

Designed with an air system, can easily stand on carpet but recommended getting something for the feet to rest on and move around at times to prevent the carpet sinking permanently

Pulse sensor is located on the two middle handles

If you assemble the pedals backwards they will rub the metal so make sure they are round the correct way.

If you find it begins to make a clicking noise, make sure the bolts are tightened on the handles.

That’s the summary of the many questions people have had before purchasing the bike, so we hope they were useful.

He is a collation of the most important reviews we have read and summarized below so you can find a easy to read feedback on this bike cross trainer.

First lets go through the not so greats, so 1 and 2 stars then we will mention the huge amount of 4 and 5 star reviews and why this bike has been in the top 5 from Amazon for ages.

A few bolts tended to come loose for some people as well as alignment and fitting being a little off. We can understand where people are coming from but remember many items are manufactured in similar places so you can easily have this issue on many items you buy online, not just this bike.

Some find it hard to assemble, a little cheaply build and you get what you pay for, generally a poor design reported by many people out of the 27 out of 390 total reviews at the time of writing.

On one and two stars, it’s been commented the seat can be uncomfortable but from exercise bikes in the gym I used, that’s pretty much said anyway but that’s just our view.

Again two star reviews commenting on cheap parts, dodgy bolts and noisy when in use.

No weight input on the computer, I use this a lot in the gym so a shame it doesn’t seem to have one reading the reviews for this summary.

As with one stars, handles feel cheap and as though they are going to break off.

Something that could be an issue if you can’t reach far is the computer could be a little out of reach unless you have long arms.

Cross trainer wise, being tall may affect how you feel comfortable the equipment holds your weight.

The rhythm of the cross trainer could be better with the movement coming around not as smooth as it could be.

If you have yours replaced, could find the computer records different readings to the previous one you had.

Instructions are rather lacking.

Tools supplied are not viable so best to use your own

4 Stars – 92 people gave this equipment 4 stars so around 23-24% of the overall review count at the time or writing.

Even though many more people gave this item 4 stars, still reports of shaky equipment and could be better quality.

Built in about 15 minutes reported by several people

Overall a good piece of equipment but many still prefer to get a low cost seat cover

Pretty standard reviews saying its good, bit shaky but you get what you pay for. People not springing into action to go yeah yeah yeah get this.. lol

Good Delivery apart from that.

Let’s move onto 5 Stars where over 237 out of 392 at the time of writing so 60% gave this a 5 star rating.

So –

Easy to put together and quiet enough that it doesn’t disturb the rest of the house when in use.

Gives good muscle tone and fat loss when used for a while when eating sensibly

Find muscles you didn’t know you had , adding from above.

Good customer service and supplier

Instructions could have been better but very happy people with the machine.

Recommended for people who don’t want to goto the gym but workout at home instead.

Great for beginners, good tech and quick delivery.

Extremely happy customers, apart from advice to get a seat cover

We will be purchasing this bike ourselves very soon and running out own review, video, images so watch this space.


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